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commission information

This page covers only a few specific styles for personal use commissions. If you have a different vision in mind, feel free to inquire with a proposal and an attached example of my work that you are interested in style-wise. If you are looking to hire for a commercial use project, please also inquire.

In both cases, e-mail me at [email protected]

General Information:

  • All payment is upfront via Paypal/Square Invoice.

  • Complete refund available only if I have not yet started the commission. After work has begun, no refund will be provided.

  • You will receive two image files upon completion: a print-friendly jpeg and a web-friendly jpeg, unless another file format is requested.

  • These commissions are for personal use only (you can print copies for yourself, share on social media and use it for social media avatars, banners, etc., but they cannot be resold, reproduced, or otherwise used for promotional purposes intended for profit). I reserve all rights to the artwork and may share it online or in my portfolio if I so choose.

  • Visual reference required. Unless it's, like, a podcast or book character that I have drawn before. Speaking of which:

  • Preference given to original/tabletop characters, or characters in pieces of media with which I am already familiar. I reserve the right to decline a commission request for any reason.

  • Expected turnaround time: maximum of a month upon payment. If I need more time, I will communicate as such.

  • I keep regular workday hours, meaning that I don't generally send e-mails on weekends or past 5pm (My hours are based on the US Eastern Time Zone).

  • Have a question about something? Ask!


Color Full-body

  • Price: 200 USD

  • Additional character: +100 USD

  • Includes: Optional decorative background panel, props/weapons, little animal buddies.

  • Armored designs have no additional cost; this style involves a level of simplification, so I will adjust complicated designs as need be.

  • I will send a sketch for confirmation/revision before proceeding to final.

  • One round of edits to the sketch and one round of minor edits to the final are included in the invoiced price. Anything further will incur additional charges.

B&W Bust

  • Price: 60 USD per character

  • There will be no sketch review for this option, I will go straight to final upon payment.

  • One round of minor edits to the final are included in the invoiced price, anything further will incur additional charges.

If you are interested, send me an e-mail at [email protected] with the following information:

  • E-mail title: Commission Inquiry

  • Style type and number of characters. You can request multiple slots/images, but please specify for each one.

  • Payment method.

  • E-mail address that the invoice should be sent to.

  • Visual references. Attachments are preferred over images being in the e-mail message itself. Online gallery or pinterest board links are also good.

  • Additional character information! This is important and very encouraged. What pose are you looking for? What emotion would you like? Tell me about the character, especially if they are an original/tabletop/custom video game protagonist.

  • If you are requesting a Color Full-body, please remember to include whether you would like a decorative background panel and what you would like it to depict.

  • If slots are full, would you like to be waitlisted?

Thanks for reading!